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Who are We?


Outside of Terra Blue, Sarah applies her experience as Chancellor of House of Akasha and serves as an ordained interfaith minister. Unlike many modern-day practitioners of the Craft, Sarah does not boast of being a hereditary witch although an ancestor was actually tried for being one in the infamous Salem witch trials of 1692. She got off.

Sarah and Viviana converse in front of Terra Blue.

In 1999 Sarah McDavid left a career in radiology to pursue her passion for her spiritual practice.  The result was Terra Blue, a retail shop where she provides the community a legitimate source for items specific to alternative belief systems and magickal practices. With over 30 years invested in in-depth study and practice in the path she walks, she is uniquely qualified for a position that requires intimate knowledge of the products and how to properly use them. Sarah's solid reputation in the pagan community throughout NC and beyond has also contributed much to Terra Blue's success.


Credentials and Experience

Terra Blue is proud of our associates and happy to share their credentials and experience.


JD Walker

JD Walker has been involved with Terra Blue since 2002 but has practiced the Craft for over 40 years.  She contributes to Terra Blue as a part-time sales assistant at the store and also creates and contributes to several of the product lines including Lost Bayou JuJu and Witch's Cottage. However, she is probably best known as a well-respected pagan author, who has written dozens of articles for Llewellyn's almanacs in addition to two Llewellyn books including 'Under the Sacred Canopy' and a 'Witch's Guide to Wildcraft'. JD also serves as the vice chancellor of the House of Akasha.


Viviana Rosales

Born in Columbia, Viviana emigrated with her family to the US as a child. Today she works at Terra Blue as both a sales associate and a reader. She is a practitioner of Shamanism, Santeria and Palo. She has received her Elekes in Santeria in ceremony and is currently walking a journey in Palo Mayombe. She is currently going through her studies in order to become initiated in both practices. Her focus is on healing the mind, body and spirit and how nature and spirits have the power to assist in that process. She is an intuitive reader working and learning through different modalities of divination. Working with tarot and pendulum readings on the chakras as well as mediumship readings.


Elaine Peirce Nikischer

A native of New Yorker, Elaine relocated to Greensboro in recent years. She is now providing spiritual guidance and readings on Thursdays and Saturdays at Terra Blue. A gifted and natural energy healer, Elaine has studied several healing modalities. She is certified in Reflexology, Reiki, Theta Healing, Tibetan Energy Healing and the Flower of Life. She is also an ordained minister in the Order of Melchizedek. Elaine channels universal energies and integrates these various modalities to provide a powerful individualized healing session.

As part of her own spiritual journey, Elaine has traveled to Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, India and England. She has visited many sacred sites and integrates those healing energies into her work as well.

In sum, Elaine invokes and integrates the energies mentioned above into your session. You will receive whatever is necessary for your particular physical, mental and spiritual development.

Elaine is an experienced card reader and also offers that service.

Our Associates

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