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Who are We?

In 1999 Sarah McDavid left a career in radiology to pursue her passion for her spiritual practice.  The result was Terra Blue, a retail shop where she provides the community a legitimate source for items specific to alternative belief systems and magickal practices. With over 30 years invested in in-depth study and practice in the path she walks, she is uniquely qualified for a position that requires intimate knowledge of the products and how to properly use them. Sarah's solid reputation in the pagan community throughout NC and beyond has also contributed much to Terra Blue's success. Outside of Terra Blue, Sarah applies her experience as Chancellor of House of Akasha and serves as an ordained interfaith minister. Unlike many modern-day practitioners of the Craft, Sarah does not boast of being a hereditary witch although an ancestor was actually tried for being one in the infamous Salem witch trials of 1692. She got off.


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