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The Throat Chakra or Vishuddha may be understood as relating to communication and growth through expression. The Throat Chakra is about Choice and represents the expression of will.  The Power of Will.


The throat is associated with the color light blue and is located in the hollow portion of your throat. This chakra is a symbol of will power, faith and freedom of speech. A healthy throat chakra enables us to speak and this is where manifestation comes from. Blockages in this chakra can lead to swallowed emotions and lack of self belonging. Health issues which may result; Ear infections, thyroid problems, neck problems, and esophagus problems.


The word Chakra comes from old Sanskrit language and the literal meaning is a wheel. The reason for that is because the life force in other word known as prana is spinning and rotating in your body in these Chakras. More importantly, each Chakra has a different vibrational frequency and in particular, a very specific function and health impact to a particular part of your body or mental function. Each Chakra supports functions of the body, mind and emotions. We have seven major Chakras and they are located along the spine with one more in our head and another on top of our head. Their names are, starting from the top, Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root. 

Throat Chakra Votive Candle (Light Blue)

SKU: GC0116
  • 'The Old Ways' is Sarah's personal, handcrafted line of products that includes ritual candles, magickal sprays and several other utilitarian metaphysical items.

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