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Medicinal Use: Southernwood can be used to stimulate menstruation and so should not be used by pregnant women. It is also used to expel worms. Southernwood is a stimulating digestive tonic. It is said to improve the function of the liver and to improve digestion in general. The bruised leaves can be used to draw out splinters and stingers.


Magickal Use: Southernwood is traditionally used to ward against disease and to draw love. It may be employed in a ritual bath to increase a man's attractiveness, virility and sexual skill. It can also be placed under a mattress to up a man's game. Southernwood is suitable for male rites of passage particularly manhood rites.It is said that Southernwood tossed on your fire will keep snakes away.Used as an incense, southernwood can help keep away trouble in general and it can be added to mixtures to drive away a streak of bad luck or to break a hex.In the language of flowers, southernwood represents banter.

Southernwood .5 Oz. Package

SKU: HR0477
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