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Size: 1" avg.


Also called the “Seer Stone” the Window Quartz is more a “window” that we look INTO rather than look OUT OF suggesting that we may find it helpful to be introspective, looking inward, perhaps do some soul searching and self-evaluation. It can also be used in scrying, much like a crystal ball.


Window Quartz can be used to stimulate healing of any disease, as its function is to harmonize the higher vibrational energies of the aura, light body or subtle body. It is believed that physical disease is a consequence of disharmony in the energies of the subtle body.



* Exact size and appearance varies from stone to stone.

Quartz, Windows Polished (Medium Size)

SKU: SC0176
  • The information provided here is for entertainment and reference purposes only. It is based on centuries of folklore, most of which came about before the age of modern medicine. It is not meant as actual medical information. For advice about any of the illnesses listed, please visit a qualified physician.

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