Size: 10.5'' x 9''  x 4.5'' 

Material(s): Designer composite resin, hand painted and polished

Weight: 4 1/2" Lb.


The supreme god in Norse mythology is Odin. He has just one eye as he gave the other to Mímir in order to be allowed to drink from the source of wisdom – “Mímir’s well”. Odin is the god of war and of the dead. He rules over Valhalla – “the hall of the slain”. All Vikings who died in battle belonged to him. They were collected by his female handmaidens, the valkyries. Odin was first and foremost worshipped by kings, warrior chieftains and their men. It was the requirements of these people that he could satisfy.


Sleipnir is Odin's choice battle steed. It is considered the best of all horses and Odin takes it to Hel on multiple occasions.

Odin riding Sleipnir

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