Unlock your natural gifts and discover your best area of psychic expertise with this book of powerful meditations. These psychically charged exercises help you awaken your latent abilities and grow them into powerful tools for clearing your chakras, connecting with your past lives, meeting your spiritual guide, and more.


Psychic intuitive Chanda Parkinson first presents the foundational basics, and then guides you in discovering the skills at which you most excel. This approach helps you master your sixth sense and use it to improve your life and relationships. You'll discover how to improve your energy flow, solve problems, enrich the lives of those around you, and keep out negative influences. With these meditations, you can access a realm of spirit and develop heightened awareness, leading to a deeper understanding of yourself and the world.

Meditations for Psychic Development - By Chanda Parkinson

SKU: BK0179
  • Chanda Parkinson (St Paul, MN) is a psychic intuitive who has worked as a spiritual mentor, speaker, and tarot reader for fifteen years. She has helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals and restore the energy of their lives.

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