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Size: 1"Width x 5-6"Length

Weight: 1/4 Lb.


Lepidolite is a purplish type mica in lithium. It is a beautiful yet fragile mineral. Though it is found in forms hard enough to be carved into eggs and spheres, most of it easily crumbles. Some of it is shot through with pink tourmaline crystals. 


This is a calming stone, suitable for relieving the stresses of everyday living. Lepidolite soothes anger, hatred and any other negative emotion. Simply hold the stone in your receptive hand for a few moments and breathe deeply. Or, to quiet the entire house, place lepidolite stones in a circle around a pink candle. 


Some stone magicians are now using lepidolite to increase psychic awareness. An easy way to do this is to place a large piece of the mineral on your alter between yellow or blue candles.

Lepidolite Wand

SKU: SC0247
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