This beautifully illustrated exploration of Afro-Brazilian spirituality introduces you to the gods of the African diaspora known as the Orishas. Presented in a fun and easy-to-understand format, Knowing the Orishas provides brief descriptions of twenty important deities, highlighting their talents, characteristics, and customs as well as where they live, how they dress, the foods they like to eat, and more.


Meet Omolu, the god of health and life. Share secrets with Iyewa, goddess of beauty and mystery. Ask Oshoguian, the warrior of peace, for protection. A vital reference to each Orisha, this book helps you identify and build relationships with them as you travel on your own spiritual path.

Knowing The Orisha Gods & Goddesses - By Waldete Tristão, Caco Bressane

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  • Waldete Tristão (São Paulo, Brazil) has a doctorate degree in education. She is a consultant in projects related to ethnic-racial relations and childhood, and she participates in Ilu Oba de Min, an education and black art culture group.