Channel the Root Energies of the Universe with an Approach to Magic Unmatched in Elegance and Power


Discover a system of magic that you can use to create any ritual, any charm, any spell you need in your life…with no special tools required. Kinesic magic is a new approach to Western magic that uses body postures and hand gestures to channel and utilize the fundamental esoteric forces. This book includes the basic postures and gestures as well as numerous practical exercises to master them. Renowned occultist Donald Tyson also shares a range of complete rituals—from simple to complex—for calling forth the powers of the elements and planets, commanding spirits, healing the body and mind, and more.

Magical systems often require the use of tools, altars, jewelry, or other accoutrements. Kinesic magic simply uses twenty-four hand gestures and twenty-four basic postures to invoke, direct, concentrate, project, and banish powerful magical forces. This unique system connects your physical and mental energies with the five elements, the seven planets of traditional astrology, and the twelve signs of the zodiac. This magic of the empty hand can be used anytime, anywhere for remarkable magical results.

Kinesic Magic - By Donald Tyson

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  • Donald Tyson is an occult scholar and the author of the popular, critically acclaimed Necronomicon series. He has written more than a dozen books on Western esoteric traditions, including Tarot Magic, and edited and annotated Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy. Donald lives in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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