Size: H: 8 3/4”

Material(s): Cold Cast Bronze


The Mother of all that lives, the creator of the heavens, earth, and the universe has been exquisitely represented in this beautiful Gaia Statue.  The goddess Gaia is revered as the mother of all of nature and its protector.  She is often referred to as the personification of the earth itself.  She teaches us the sanctity of nature, the Earth, and life itself.  This Gaia statue depicts the Goddess holding the Earth lovingly in Her grasp, as stardust swirls about Her bare feet.  Crafted from cold cast resin and hand painted in a gorgeous bronze finish.  This lovely figure of the living Earth has Her own voice. And if you live with Her in your home, workplace, or place of worship, She will speak to you, too.


SKU: FS0041
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