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Is someone bothering you? The Fiery Wall of Protection is a traditional folk formula/ritual to stop them. The Fiery Wall of Protection sends a powerful message to the person(s) who are the source of your distress that you are not going to put up with their actions.


It may be used against any adversary, human or non-human. It is not a curse nor does it punish your enemy.


Magickal oils have numerous ritualistic uses. For example, they can be used in conjunction with candle magick craftwork, mojo working, personal and object anointing. Our magickal oils consist of the right combination of essential oils, each individually anointed for specific intent, mixed with the proper herbs, all formulated during the right moon phase. Lastly, they are steeped for three moon cycles before packaging.


Disclaimer: Pursuant to the current State and Federal laws, we at Terra Blue, are unable to make any claim as to the effectiveness either magickal or medicinal of any of our products.

While our products are either traditional or specific to the craft
we are unable to make any guarantees and must advise they are "Sold as Curios Only".


External Use Only

Fiery Wall of Protection Oil, .5 Oz. Bottle (Other Worldly Goods)

SKU: OC0016
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