Awaken the Elemental Magic Within


Deeply poetic and rich with passion, this book helps you expand your relationship with earth, air, fire, water, and spirit through personal reflections and hands-on explorations. With brilliant contributions from members of the international Reclaiming community, this empowering book provides spells, exercises, practices, and perspectives that are taught in Reclaiming's foundational class, Elements of Magic. Discover techniques for grounding, casting a circle, trance, and visualization, as well as guidance for working with breath, raising energy, and charging an intention. If you long to experience the ecstatic practice of magic, Elements of Magic is for you.

Elements of Magic - By Jane Meridith, Gede Parma & Starhawk

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  • Jane Meredith is an Australian writer and ritualist. Her books include Magic of the Iron PentacleCircle of Eight: Creating Magic for Your Place on EarthRituals of Celebration, and Journey to the Dark Goddess. Jane is passionate about myths and mythic realms, magic, co-created ritual, trees and rivers, and dark chocolate. She offers workshops internationally, both live and as distance courses. She is a Reclaiming teacher and one of the founders of CloudCatcher WitchCamp.