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Due to the amount or type of herbs and/or oils incorporated in its creation, a spell candle may appear mottled and rough.


A double action candle is essentially two spell candles in one - a Black candle to reverse and remove negativity and a colored part to bring what you desire: Green is used for money and employment-related workings (changing irresponsible financial patterns, money worries, picking yourself back up after bankruptcy, living without alimony, monetary lawsuits, job concerns, etc.)


Disclaimer: Pursuant to the current State and Federal laws, we at Terra Blue are unable to make any claim as to the effectiveness either magickal or medicinal of any of our products. While our products are either traditional or specific to the craft we are unable to make any guarantees and must advise they are "Sold as Curios Only"



Double Action Prosperity Pillar Candle - Three Sizes

  • Red and Black candles are used for love and relationship matters (marriage problems, divorce clearing, moving past a broken heart, removing damaging personal habits before starting a new relationship, etc.)


    Green and Black candles are for money and employment-related workings (changing irresponsible financial patterns, money worries, picking yourself back up after bankruptcy, living without alimony, monetary lawsuits, job concerns, etc.)


    White and Black DAs can be for everything else (spiritual work, healing, bad habits, miscellanea, etc.).


    Yellow and Black are used for creativity, luck and success


    Blue and Black are used for healing of all kinds


    Purple and Black are used for unblocking psychic blocks and to enhance those workings


    The black wax signifies that which you desire removed from your life. The colored wax represents that which you desire and what you wish to attract/affirm in your life. When you burn these candles, you first should remove the bad/undesirable which means the black half first.


    Carve the things you wish to remove into the wax on the black half. It can be words or a short statement, a list, names, and you can repeat these negative conditions once or over and over covering the black part of the candle. Next, carve the things you wish to invite or things you wish to replace the bad with on the white/colored half. Again, this can be a list or some statement such as "My Perfect Lover" or "Financial Freedom" or "Good Luck," whatever. Take a removal-type oil such as Banishing or Cast Off Evil and use it to anoint the black half with. Use downward strokes while speaking your removal petition, being careful not to get any oil on the colored/white half. Wash your hands. Then use your "good" oil on the colored/white half. This can be a Blessing or Healing Oil or it can be specific to your desires such as Love Come To Me, Wealthy Way, or Fast Luck. Anoint this half working upwards and speaking your blessing/attraction petition.


    On the subject of wax drippings, it is traditional to remove the candle of its black wax drippings and remnants. This is done once the black half of the candle is burnt down. Just pick off the trails of black wax and the puddles surrounding the candle being careful not to upset the candle or burn

    yourself. It makes sense to do so as the black wax signifies the condition(s) you're removing, and you want to have no trace of it. If you do not remove these black wax drippings, they will mix with the white wax and you will be left with a big puddle of gray wax. Gray wax is not what you want as a future outcome; you want shiny, virginal, pure white wax. Just pick of the trails and puddles of black wax and dispose of them; I'd suggest burying them off your property or at a crossroads. You can also throw the black wax away in a dumpster - not your own trash containers - or use this black wax immediately in other removal/cleansing spell work. Once the black wax is removed, the rest of the wax remnants will be white and these can be used in a number of ways: add them to a mojo bag, make up a packet amulet, place them on an altar, or bury them by your front door.


    Since the jumbo candles take so long to burn, you can burn these types of candles in stages - a little bit each day. Divide the candle into seven equal sections and mark them off with little lines dug into the wax. The fourth section, the middle section, will be half black and half white. This is a particularly nice way to burn these candles as it gives you time to pray and reflect on your changes. For the first three days while the black part of the candle burns, you pray/focus/do spell work on removal. On the fourth day, as the black wax gives away to the white, you shift your focus to saying a final goodbye to the old and then welcome in the good. On days five through seven, the white wax days, your work is on blessing and change. In this way it is kind of like working with a glass-encased vigil light. You have seven days of intense prayer and focus on your goal. I like to combine this with spiritual bathing, especially one days one, four, and seven.


    My Terra Blue, Inc.


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