Discover the wisdom, healing, and magic of trees with this illuminating book of rituals that focus on the last ten Celtic tree ogham. Featuring meditations, ceremonies, stories, and correspondences, this easy-to-follow guide shows you how to build a deeper connection to nature as you learn about the aicme ailim vowels and the forfeda. You'll also explore how these rituals fit into the Wheel of the Year so you can access tree energy year-round.

Celtic Tree Ogham acts as your doorway into the sacred teachings of not only trees, but also totems, guides, and deities. In addition to step-by-step instructions on preparing for and performing the ritual, each chapter presents runes, keywords, and practical information. Through chants, songs, journaling, and more, this book's activities help you live well and stay connected to your wild self.

Celtic Tree Ogham - By Sharlyn Hidalgo

SKU: BK0124
  • Sharlyn Hidalgo (Seattle, WA) has been a practicing astrologer, dream interpreter, and tarot reader for over twenty years. She teaches classes on the Egyptian Mysteries and the Celtic Tree Calendar, practices Alchemical Healing, and has worked as a psychotherapist in agencies and private practice.

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