You can reach the magick that has always been inside you and create a fulfilling life that inspires your heart, body, and mind every day. Becoming the Witch leads you from the origins of Witchcraft to the secrets of sacred thinking and beyond. In a distinct, almost lyrical tone, Danae Moon Thorp teaches you what every beginner must know when starting on the Witch's path, including the elements, spells, tools, deities, rituals, and more.


Discover how to imbue every action, word, and ingredient of a spell with an invisible life force that connects your heart, body, and mind to extraordinary possibilities. Use your imagination and inner wisdom to create powerful, life-changing energy. Becoming the Witch is your key to not just holding a wand, but also turning that wand into an extension of yourself.

Becoming the Witch - By Danae Moon Thorp

SKU: BK0122
  • Danae Moon Thorp (Melbourne, Australia) is a Witch, psychic reader, and founder of SpellBox, a popular metaphysical store. She is also the creator of the Spellbox Witch's Calendar, and she has been a guest on many Melbourne radio stations.

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