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Our House Brands

Terra Blue has established a reputation of providing 'Real' ritual goods for many years. By 'Real' we mean they are not mass produced in a

metaphysical factory process, but rather are hand crafted by Sarah and other experienced practitioners. In addition to our Terra Blue branded products, our other house brands are listed below.

Apostasy - A brand that features mainly non-magickal items, especially jewelry and personal accessories.


Witch's Cottage - The person who crafts the Witch's Cottage line of goods is a witch who really lives in a cottage deep in the woods. Her name is JD Walker and she is an avid student of herbology and gardening. JD has written a weekly garden column for over twenty years. She is a professional and award winning writer, journalist, and magazine editor and a frequent contributor to the Llewellyn annuals. JD has been active in her local Pagan scene since 2002. Her first book, 'A Witch's  Guide to Wildcraft' (Llewellyn Publishing) is  available for purchase HERE.

The Old Ways - 'The Old Ways' is Sarah's personal, handcrafted line of products that includes ritual candles, magickal sprays and several other utilitarian metaphysical items.

Lost Bayou JuJu - Lost Bayou JuJu products are crafted by seasoned practitioners using traditional folk magick recipes that originated in the

Deep South, featuring raw ingredients curated from New Orleans and surrounding areas. 

Sarah's Works - This line is primarily non-metaphysical products created by Sarah that ranges from Bath Products  to Leather Masks.

Tree of Wisdom - Terra Blue's own line of Essential Oils and Blended Oils, Colognes and Ritual Waters

Other Worldly Goods - Terra Blue's line of Conjuring Oils, Magickal Powders and more.

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