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The Rose of Jericho is called a resurrection plant because of its ability to dry up and go into a dormant state, only to reanimate when it comes in contact with water. There are lots of traditions and rituals associated with The Rose of Jericho is associated with many traditions, including Catholicism, Voudou, Hoodoo, Santeria and European folk magick. 


Known for its prosperity and success attributes, when the Rose is treated with respect and love, the plant will provide even greater protection to its owner, absorbing negative energies. In African traditions, prosperity and protection talismans are placed as near to the entry of the house as possible. You can also consecrate crystals, gems, and other magickal tools with the water from the Rose after it has bloomed.


For use in business, money, protection, healing, wishes, luck, success, and money spells.

Rose of Jericho (Large)

SKU: HR0441
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