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Chakras: Lower 


Jet is a form of petrified wood similar to coal, though much harder. This stone has absorbing qualities. Helps draw out negative energy. Especially useful for people who have unreasonable fears. Therefore, that is why this black stone relates to the Root Chakra, the center that connects us to our earth energy. 


Recommended for stimulating psychic experience and guiding one in the quest for spiritual enlightenment. If worn, it should be set in silver. Jet has been used as a protective stone in life’s physical journeys. It’s known as a traveler’s amulet, and the wives of sailors often burnt it to protect their husbands while they were at sea. Jet has been known historically, to also protect from scorpions and snake bites, especially when the stone is wore over the heart. Jet has been used to help soothe the pain of both a broken heart due to separation or the loss or death of a relative or loved one. In the past, this protection stone has been used to ward against enemies, evil spirits, witchcraft and harmful magic spells.


Size: .75" - 1"


Jet helps control mood swings and fights deep depression. Jet is a very light weight stone. This stone helps one to realize how life’s burdens can be “light weight” if we allow them to be. “Lifting the weight off your shoulders” is the goal of this stone. The main physical ailments that have been treated by Jet are arthritis and inflammation of the joints. In folk medicine, jet has also been used to treat bronchitis, colds and flu and headaches.


* Exact size and appearance varies from stone to stone.

Jet, Polished (Large)

SKU: SC0098
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