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Size: .5" - .75"


Chakras: Heart

Zodiac: Cancer, Virgo

Element: Fire, Water


Green Calcite is a powerful amplifier and energy cleanser and a Heart Chakra healer. Green Calcite helps dispel pent-up stress and pain of the heart. Green Calcite helps renew a sense of purpose in life, motivating us to set our sights high. Like other green crystals and stones, Green Calcite is a stone of abundance and prosperity. Working in conjunction with our intentions, Green Calcite works to accelerate our ability to manifest success and abundance in our lives.


Green Calcite is wonderful for affecting change in one's life. Not only is Green Calcites helpful in removing impurities from the body, it can also help someone transform a negative situation into a more positive one. It can also alleviate anxiety or fear.


* Exact size and appearance varies from stone to stone.



Calcite, Green Rough (Small Size)

SKU: SC0045
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