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Medicinal Use: Tansy may be used for expelling worms, one ounce of herb steeped in one pint of hot water drunk as a tea twice a day. This same remedy is employed for kidney and nervous troubles and low grade fevers. It is also said to calm the stomach and relieve gas. In large doses, however, it is very irritating to the stomach and digestive systems. Excessive doses have produced seizures and uterine bleeding. Use on a regular basis causes organ degeneration. An infusion of tansy is a useful wash for scabies, eczema and fungal infections.


Magickal Use: Tansy is sacred to Mary. It is also associated with immortality and eternal youth and is sacred to both Hebe and Ganymede. Its further association with death makes it suitable for honoring all Gods and Goddesses associated with death and rebirth.Tansy is used in spells, charms and potions for longevity.Tansy oil has been used to dress the dead, and wreaths of tansy are suitable funeral decorations.Egg dishes made with tansy are good for Ostara and dairy dishes thus flavored are good for Imbolc.



Tansy 1 Oz. Package

SKU: HR0494
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