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Size: .5" - .75"


Prehnite is also a crystal of memory and recollection. Capable of enhancing a person's protective field, it brings peace and calm. Even looking at the lovely color of Prehnite and touching its delicate surface may induce a feeling of peace and calm. In the past Prehnites have been used to increase the dream recall after awakening. In order to facilitate the process, before going to sleep you should take your Prehnite and ask it for help to induce and prolog your lucid dreams.


Because of Phrenite's ability to vibrate very rapidly between the visible and invisible planes of existence, some Shamanistic traditions treat it as sacred stone.


Prehnite harmonizes the will and the heart, leading to a quiet confidence and clarity in the right action to take to be in alignment with one’s spiritual self. Through quieting the mind and ego, it can assist in the ability to hear through your psychic channels more clearly.


Prehnite works on the 3rd and 4th Chakra and is a combination of Earth and Water element. Its special magic is to blend these two kinds of energy in service of spiritual clarity and growth.

Prehnite, Polished

SKU: SC0158
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