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Comes with adjustable cord.

Size: 1 1/2" Length


Malachite was known in Egypt as early as 3000 B.C. It was also popular with the ancient Greeks and Romans, for jewellery, ornaments and, in powdered form, for eye shadow. In the Middle Ages, Malachite was believed to protect against the evil eye and to cure various types of stomach ailments. The Russian Czars used malachite from the large deposit in the Ural mountains to produce ornaments and paneling for their castles, as well as intricate inlay work.

Malachite is an important protection stone. It absorbs negative energies and pollutants. It should be cleaned regularly by placing on a clear quartz cluster and placed in the sun. Malachite guards against radiation of all kinds. It should be placed in the home of anyone who lives near a nuclear or natural radiation source. It also clears electromagnetic pollution and heals earth energies.

Malachite Crystal Point Pendant Necklace

SKU: JY0005
  • The information provided here is for entertainment and reference purposes only. It is based on centuries of folklore, most of which came about before the age of modern medicine. It is not meant as actual medical information. For advice about any of the illnesses listed, please visit a qualified physician.

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