Hoyt’s Cologne developed in 1868 is truly an old fashioned fragrance reminiscent of early American colognes.  A clean and refreshing scent with fragrance notes of citrus and floral.  


This is a spiritual cologne that has been used traditionally by those wishing to increase their ability to manifest luck, used heavily by gamblers & those working in the service industry & small business owners to draw in winnings & new customers & tips. 


Spiritual Colones can of course be worn on the body like a standard cologne or perfume, but it can also be used to empower items other then your self such as magical tools, altars and even money.


- Splash on hands before ritual/spell workings. 


- Use around windows or on floors & surfaces where you work, sleep & play & wish to empower.


- Add to your bath water or Floor wash to program your water with its specific vibration.


-Splash on self or bag, wallet, undergarment.


- Use to empower & wipe down altar spaces or use an offerings for spirits by placing a small amount in a glass on your altar.


- Adding to water offerings in small amounts is a easy gift to the spirits.


Disclaimer: Pursuant to the current State and Federal laws, we at Terra Blue are unable to make any claim as to the effectiveness either magickal or medicinal of any of our products. While our products are either traditional or specific to the craft we are unable to make any guarantees and must advise they are "Sold as Curios Only"

Hoyt's Cologne 4 Oz. (Tree of Wisdom)

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