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Author: Paul Huson


Paul Huson's knowledge of the Tarot is deeply grounded in his historical research as shown in his excellent book, Mystical Origins of the Tarot: From Ancient Roots to Modern Usage. The designs for the majors are inspired chiefly by designs from the Marseilles and Estense (Gringoneur) decks."The visual style is a mixture of traditional images from the Tarot de Marseilles, Medieval manuscript iconography and occasional astrological symbols. Some of the Majors are derived from the so-called Gringoneur (a 15th Century deck). The minors are fully illustrated and the Court cards use the traditional poses. The Court cards are given names (except the Knights) in addition to their titles. The names were drawn from history and legend (such as Alexander and Ceasar), and are historically associated with Court figures on French playing cards. There are also playing card symbols of Clubs (in Coins), Hearts (in Cups), Spades (in Swords) and Diamonds (in Wands) present in the Minors.Huson has used very strong, bright colors to illustrate this deck, the backgrounds and borders of which are color-coded. 

Dame Fortune's Wheel Tarot

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